What is Hula Hoop Dance?

10395834_10205394104790257_1274160552881492817_nHooping benefits your mind, body and soul. It can be a movement mediation, easing stress and releasing anxiety. It builds confidence, positive body image and social skills. The sense of achievement you get from nailing a trick you’ve been practising, releases endorphins in your brain and actually makes you happier!
According to a study by the American College on Exercise (ACE), hula hooping can burn seven calories per minute and the physical benefits continue. Increased co-ordination, balance and rhythm. A rise in heart-rate, metabolism and general fitness. Building core strength, and muscle tone. These are just some of the things you can expect to gain from Hula Hooping regularly.

As a low impact activity it can be suitable for people having physiotherapy- please check with your doctor before beginning any new physical activity.





“But I can’t”
I hear these words often, and most of the time if you’ve tried and failed it’s the wrong hoop! If you’ve ever tried waist hooping on a cheap and flimsy kids hoop from the supermarket, you’ll know that they aren’t made for adults and can even be difficult for kids. Our beginners hoops are heavier and larger, the bigger the hoop the easier it will be to learn on!

Finding the right size hoop for you can be tricky but luckily we have some helpful guidelines to help you pick your size here, and if you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to drop us a message.
Check out our Hoop Size Guide

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