Sponsorship Opportunities with Hulala Hoopers

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship with Hulala Hoopers will be a mutually beneficial agreement between you and me. Essentially you will promote my business and receive products from me in return. Although, it’s not as simple as being a hooper who simply wants free stuff in return for online spamming. No one wants spam shoved in their face.

What will you have to do?

If your sponsorship application is successful you will be expected to create and share interesting and diverse videos, pictures and words, online through social media such as Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be required to make at least four videos a month, as well as posting pictures, and stories about your hooping journey. You’ll have a good knowledge of different types of hoops, and be able to help potential new hoopers with any questions they may have about sizes and weights of hoops, and be genuinely passionate about sharing the love of hooping with people who are interested. You will be respectful of other hoopers and other hoop/clothing companies. You will be willing to learn about all my products so you are able to advise others on them.

What will I do for you?

The person I sponsor will of course receive hoops and clothing from me, but in addition to that I will help you to grow your following. I’ll provide tips and advice on creating social media content, I will invite you to visit me so I can make you a video, which you can use to promote your art to gain performances. If you teach or want to start teaching hoop classes in your area I’ll share my experience on teaching, getting started, and structuring classes.
Your initial sponsorship package will include a colour change reflective hoop in your choice of size, an item of clothing from the shop in your size and your choice of either a necklace or a pair of earrings. You will receive a marketing pack with useful advice on creating content and building a good online presence.
You will receive a discount code for the website which you can use and give out to others to use, which will give them and you money off orders. Every time someone uses your code you will build up credit in the shop to redeem on products of your choice.

What I am looking for in a sponsor?

I’m looking for a hooper that is fully committed to their personal hooping journey, someone who is passionate about helping others on their path to hooping love and who genuinely believes in my products and services. I want someone with a good knowledge of social media, who wants to get their name out there and is willing, and has time to, assist others in starting or pursuing their hooping. Most of all I am looking for someone who knows they want to push themselves in their practice, who is dedicated to their hooping and who wants to create a following and isn’t afraid to get their name out there. I need my sponsor to share my morals and respect my business practices. The right person for the role won’t be envious of others or be sucked into negativity. Having amazing hooping skills is a bonus but not necessarily essential. Someone who is passionate to learn and share that with others is more important than your skill level. The person I’d like to represent my company will LOVE hooping, be kind, approachable, outgoing, fun, and have a positive attitude.

So what does my business entail?

Hooping is my life! I strive to make the best hoops available, and am a self confessed perfectionist. I try to be as green as I can, and all the clothing and jewellery I sell is vegan and ethically sourced. I teach hoop dance in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire and I want to spread the joy of hooping far and wide.
I love to spin fire, and I sell fire hoops so if you spin fire, or other props as well as hoop or want to in the future that’s definitely a big plus.

How to apply

Applicants will need:
A camera/camera phone with flash video capabilities
A personal Facebook and Instagram page
A Facebook performance page or be willing to create and maintain one.
Be a UK resident- if you travel a lot that’s fine, I am looking for someone with a good base in the UK though

To apply for this role please make a video 1-3 minutes long of you hooping.
I want to see your personality and style so let it shine through. The video can be unedited or edited. In the description of your video please write a small paragraph about why you would like to represent Hulala Hoopers and a bit about yourself, your journey, and what hooping means to you. Please upload your video to your personal Facebook page and then share it on the Hulala Hoopers page: Facebook.com/HulalaHoopersUK please make sure to set the privacy to public.
You’ll also need to fill out this application form, to support your video submission.


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  • Maya Davies

    Would I be able to support someone’s application? My daughter in law has applied and I feel compelled to support her application as she has and is everything you have described in the person you want to sponsor, she has turned her life around with motherhood and hooping, I was so worried about how she would cope but she’s surpassed herself in so many ways, she is so passionate about hooping and helping others to hoop and is probably the least envious, selfish, judgemental person I know. I know she will do a great job in promoting you and your products while living by the same morals and optimistic outlook as you. Obviously I don’t want this to be detrimental to her application so will not say her name unless this is ok with you?

    Yours hopefully and apologetically if this is over stepping the mark


    • Debby Earle

      Maya, what beautiful words of support! 🙂 what a lovely mother in law you are!

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