Fully Taped Lightweight Polypro Hoop

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Beautiful Performance Polypro Hoops available in standard thickness 3/4″ (19mm) or skinny 5/8″ (16mm) hoops. All our hoops are travel hoops.

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    Polypro hoops are faster, lighter, bouncier and more responsive than dance hoops. It’s a great choice for off-body moves and tricks, and hoopers who are confident with on-body hooping on a dance hoop. Learning on-body hooping is harder with a polypro so if this is your first hoop we recommend a Dance Hoop which is heavier, slower, and easier to learn on.


    These hoops are fully taped with the finish of your choice and come in two thicknesses. Choose 3/4″ (19mm) standard thickness or 5/8″ (16mm) skinny hoops.


    What’s the difference? polypro thickness 5:8%22 3:4%22 tubing comparison

    “Skinny” (5/8″ 16mm) tubing is even faster, lighter, bouncier, and more responsive than Standard thickness (3/4″ 19mm) it’s a great choice for hoopers who already love polypro and want an even lighter hoop. It’s picked by hoopers who like to go fast, twin hoops, poi style hooping, off body tricks, and hoop juggling. If this is your first polypro we recommend Standard Thickness.


    Choosing your hoop diameter

    We recommend choosing a similar size to your dance hoop, if you find your dance hoop is now too big for you we suggest choosing a hoop around 2 inches smaller than your current dance hoop.
    All our hoops are measured in outside diameter in inches.

    Still not sure what size? Drop us a message


    Travel Hoops

    Our hoops come with a push button connection and pop open to easily coil down to up to half it’s size. Perfect for travelling, a 32″ hoop coiled down fits in a standard size airline hand luggage bag.

    Note: Never coil a polypro in cold conditions. Never store it coiled down.  Polypro is temperature sensitive and can warp in extreme heat or crack in extreme cold. After you uncoil your hoop it’s best to let it warm to room temperature and relax before connecting.




  • 2 reviews for Fully Taped Lightweight Polypro Hoop

    1. Carla Bradley
      5 out of 5


      I ordered a 34 inch 3/4 inch tubing polypro in golden sunset colour change, I got lots of communication from Debby whilst she was making my hoop and as I had never ordered a custom hoop before she was also very helpful and answered all of my questions. When my hoop arrived it was nicely packaged, the only down side being it felt like it took ages to get the packaging off (I was so excited that I couldn’t wait!) The hoop itself was beautifully finished and I instantly fell in love, it felt sturdy and reliable, had no wobble and it came with instructions on how to collapse my hoop safely for travel.
      I liked my hoop so much that I then ordered a 32 inch 5/8 tubing in indigo sunrise which I love just as much, the way the colours morph and change on the tapes is mesmerising and when I’m not hooping with these beauties I am staring lustfully at them.
      I love hulalahoopers hoops, all my hoop purchases recently have been from Debby and all my foreseeable will be too!!

    2. Amber Chaffe
      5 out of 5

      (verified owner):

      I ordered a 32inch sparkly blue galaxy polypro. I actually changed my requests so it was 32.5inch and had grip tape round the middle. Debby catered exactly to my odd requests and communication was great. I’ve ordered a couple of hoops online before, and whilst I’ve been happy with them, they haven’t been as good quality as my one from Debby. It’s extremely study and the connector is strong too. The colour is beautiful and it’s well taped. The delivery was really quick too – a lot quicker than I’d expected. I will definitely be buying my next hoop from Debby and I’d recommend her to anyone else.

      • Debby Earle


        Thanks Amber! Glad you love your hoop! Happy Hooping!

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