Hula Hoop Workshops with Debby Trubble – Brighton


Hula Hoop Workshops with Debby Trubble Brighton- Saturday 13th January 2018 – 1.30pm-4.30pm St Martins New Wagner Church Hall, Lewes Road

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    Hula Hoop Workshops with Debby Trubble – Brighton
    Saturday 13th January 2018 – 1.30pm-4.30pm
    St Martins New Wagner Church Hall, Lewes Road

    Hula Hoop Workshops Content

    Workshop 1

    Single hoop
    🍓Head hooping
    🍓Hair hooping
    🍓Nose hooping
    🍓Foot passes
    🍓Tosses & flouirshes
    Workshop 2- Horizontal Tech
    Single and double hoops
    🍓Some of my favourite horizontal hoop tricks and combos
    🍓Horizontal twins tech
    🍓Tosses & flourishes
    Debby has been hooping for 7 years and teaching for three, she’s taught hula hoop workshops at Sinergia Hoop Barcelona ( Brighton Flow Fest ( WHoop-C (@welshhoopconvention) and for Project Hoop in Nottingham (@ProjectHoop)
    She’s also performed at
    Manchester Hoop Congress (
    SWHoop (
    Schoola Hoop Camp-fire show (@schoolahoop)
    Hoop Gathering at Hardwick (
    Hulaballoo London (
    Brighton Hoopy Christmas Party (@livelovehoop)
    WHoop-C (@welshhoopconvention)

    Debby Trubble Performing at WHoop-C the Welsh Hoop Convention

    My performance from WHoop-C 2016 the Welsh Hoop Convention, Music: Rihanna & Mikky Ekko- Stay

    Posted by Hulala Hoopers on Wednesday, 6 April 2016

    Hi Brighton!
    I can’t wait to come and hold my hula hoop workshops! It’s split into 2 workshops, the first is just one hoop and is easier, the second is more advanced and will encorporate some of the tricks from the first workshop, and two hoops.
    Both workshops will have harder variations for more advanced hoopers, and are aimed at all levels but are not suitable for complete beginners.
    There will be a short break between workshops for those taking both, I’ll also have some hoops to borrow or buy if you don’t have two the same size for the twins parts of the workshops.
    At the end of each workshop you’ll have the opportunity to film a recap video of the moves taught to refer to in your own practise time, please bring a camera if you’d like to, also please bring water.
    Lots of Hoopy Love Debby x
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