Design your own Beginners Hula Hoop


Pick a shiny tape, a vinyl or printed tape and a grip colour and have all three on your very own custom beginners hula hoop. All our hoops are travel…

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  • Beginners Hula Hoop

    Our beginners hula hoop is completely customisable and with so many combinations to choose from it’s almost impossible for there to be another hoop quite like it. Each bespoke hoop is handmade by Debby in the size and weight that’s right for you.

    Check out our size guide here to find the size we recommend. If you’ve not done much exercise at all for while choose the next size up. If you’re a super fit gym bunny choose a size down. The bigger and heavier the hoop the easier it will be for waist hooping and on body dance hoop moves. If you’ve ever tried to hula hoop with a cheap toy hoop and failed, it’s the hoop not you!

    If you’ve been hooping a while now and think you want a smaller hoop we suggest dropping 2″ – 4″ from your diameter, or if you want a lighter option go for one of our polypro hoops.
    With practise and the right size hoop everyone can learn hula hooping, we want you to have the right hoop for you so if you’re not sure you can always contact us.
    Pick your favourite shiny tape, a vinyl or printed tape and a grip tape colour and have all three on your very own custom beginners hula hoop. Our shiny tapes come in a wide range of finishes; metallic, mirror, sparkly, holographic, glitter, and magical morphing colour change hoops which shift shades in the light and look beautiful as they spin.

    Click here if you’re looking for a glow in the dark beginners hoop.

    All our hoops are travel hoops which fold down to half the size for ease of carrying everywhere.

    If you have a specific design or a theme you’d like your hoop colours to be, please mention in the order comments. We never make exactly the same beginners hula hoop twice, unless you order a pair. So your hoop with be as unique as you are.

    Want to learn hula hoop dance? Check out Debby’s classes.


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    Tape 1 Shiny Tape

    Pink Iridium, Sunburst Colour Change, Petrol Colour Change, Golden Dragon Scale Holographic, Copper Mirror, Black Mirror, Aquamarine Mirror, Fushia Mirror, Sparkly Blue Galaxy Colour Change, Sparkly Red Galaxy Colour Change, Sparkly Purple, Sparkly Sky Blue, Sparkly Aquamarine, Sparkly Black, Sparkly Tie Dye Pink & Blue, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Etched Sea Glass, Silver Rainbow Holographic, Gold Rainbow Holographic, Hi-Vis Orange, UV Lime Juice Holographic, UV Pink Guava Juice Holographic, UV Lemon Juice Holographic, Grass Green 3D Sparkles Holographic, Violet Blue 3D Sparkles Holographic

    Tape 2 Vinyl/Printed Tape

    Red, Orange, Yellow, Jade, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Teal, Purple, Baby Pink, White, Black, Grey, Leopard Print, Galaxy, Tie Dye Rainbow, Daisy Daisy

    Tape 3 Grip Tape

    UV Pink, Purple, Maroon, Teal, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Yellow, Yellow, UV Orange, Red, White, Olive Green/Grey, Black,


    28”Standard Weight, 30”Standard Weight, 32″ Standard Weight, 34″ Standard Weight, 35″ Standard Weight, 36″ Standard Weight, 38″ Standard Weight, 40″ Standard Weight, 38″ Heavy Weight, 40″ Heavy Weight, 42″ Heavy Weight

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