5 Wick Fire Hoop- Polypro Hoop


Pick your shiny tape and inside grip colour for your very own fire hoop. All our fire hoops are travel hoops made with BendyWicks™

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  • Polypro Hoop with 5 Fire Wicks

    Read our Fire Safety Guide

    Pick your shiny tape and inside grip colour for your very own fire hoop. All our hoops are travel hoops which collapse down to half the size for ease of carrying everywhere! If you’re not sure which size hoop you need please refer to our Hoop Size Guide for help or contact us if you’re not sure.

    Your polypro comes with a layer of clear protective tape, this helps to protect the shape of the hoop from the heat.

    We space your fire wicks at equal points and mark with tape for easy attachment and realignment plus extra grip for the clip.


    Our fire wicks are premium brand BendyWicks™ and are suitable for Standard Weight Dance Hoops, or Polypro Hoops in either 3/4″ (19mm) or 5/8″ (16mm)


    High quality fire wicks for hooping that are detachable, interchangeable and easily transported. BendyWicks easily attach with a screwdriver or a penny, onto your favourite hoop whenever and wherever you like.

    Technical Specification
    All metal components are made of high grade stainless steel. Stainless steel wire rope for the shaft gives flexibility to absorb shocks, resulting from dropping and to limit heat transmission to the hoop clip. The wick is made from a Kevlar® based webbing that is specifically designed for use with paraffin fuels.

    The wick is 50mm wide and made up from 400mm length of Kevlar® long coiled up making an approximate diameter of 35mm.

    The length of a BendyWicks is 130mm from the hoop.

    The Hoop clips are made from high grade stainless steel and are available for varying hoop sizes.

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    Sunburst Colour Change, Petrol Colour Change, Golden Dragon Scale Holographic, Copper Mirror, Black Mirror, Aquamarine Mirror, Fushia Mirror, Golden Sunset Colour Change, Sparkly Blue Galaxy Colour Change, Sparkly Red Galaxy Colour Change, Sparkly Purple, Sparkly Coral Pink, Sparkly Fluorescent Pink, Sparkly Sky Blue, Sparkly Aquamarine, Sparkly Black, Sparkly Tie Dye Pink & Blue, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Lavendar Shimmer, Etched Sea Glass, Silver Rainbow Holographic, Gold Rainbow Holographic, Hi-Vis Orange, Lime Juice Holographic, Pink Guava Juice Holographic, UV Lemon Juice Holographic, Grass Green 3D Sparkles Holographic, Violet Blue 3D Sparkles Holographic

    Inside Grip Tape

    UV Pink, Purple, Maroon, Teal, UV Blue, UV Green, UV Yellow, Yellow, UV Orange, Red, White, Olive Green/Grey, Black, White


    27″, 28″, 29″, 30″, 31″, 32″, 33″, 34″, 35″

    Hoop Thickness

    Standard Thickness 3/4″ 19mm, Skinny Hoop 5/8″ 16mm

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