Questions about your order? Broke your hoop and need it fixed? Help with hoop sizing? Want to know about our hoop repair services? Whatever your question we are here to help. If you don’t find an answer to your question please contact Debby

How long will my order take to make?

Our products are handmade to order, please allow up to 21 days production time (it’s usually less though except at busy times of year). If you need your order in time for a specific date such as a birthday or holiday, please let us know in the order comments and we will do our best to get the order to you by the date requested. If you need your order super quick please contact us to upgrade to next day shipping and rush production for a small fee.

How much is the rush order fee?

This will depend on your delivery country, the size/weight of your parcel, and what day of the week you want your parcel to arrive- Royal Mail charge more for next day deliveries on weekends.
For example: a single hoop in the UK with rush production and next day shipping on a weekday is £5 extra.


Our products are shipped via My Hermes Tracked Delivery. For orders outside the UK we sometimes use different couriers to get you the best price. Usual delivery times are around 3-5 working days, this may vary during busy times of year. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number once your order has been sent out, so you can track your parcel to see when your delivery will arrive.

My country is not listed for delivery

If your country is not listed in the international shipping option please contact us for a delivery quote, we need to know what you’d like to order so we can work out the size and weight of your parcel and get you the best price.

Can I pick up my order in person?

Yes, local collection is free from Chippenham in Wiltshire SN14 UK. Select this option at the checkout and we will let you know when your order is ready for collection. You can also collect from one of my classes or an event I am teaching at, just contact me to check.



When you receive your parcel please check the packaging is not damaged, if it is please take a photo of the packaging at the damaged area. If the contents of your parcel has been damaged in transit please contact us straight away. Send photos and a description of the damage.
We will always replace/repair products damaged by couriers, it doesn’t happen often but on the odd occasion it does we will work quickly to get it sorted.
If you’re not happy with your order for any other reason, please do not use the product and contact us straight away.


I’ve changed my mind about the size/colour

When you order a hoop please think carefully about what size you’d like. It’s always good to get your local hoop teacher to recommend you a size but if in doubt you can use our Hoop Size Guide to see what we recommend.
If you want to return a hoop because you don’t like it or you’ve changed your mind about the size, please get in touch and we will try to help. You may be able to exchange the size or colour providing you are happy to pay the extra shipping charges and the hoop is in brand new condition.

I’m not happy with my hoop

I strive to make all my hoops perfect but if you are not happy with the quality of your hoop on receipt and want a refund/exchange please get in touch, tell us why you’re not happy and send photos.

Looking after your polypro

Polypro hoops are delicate and require extra care. Never leave your hoop in extreme temperatures, heat can cause polypro to warp so don’t leave it all day in a hot car or lean it against a radiator! Polypro can crack in cold weather, if your hooping style is high impact this can be a problem although it’s not common, be aware (I’ve only cracked one hoop in 6 years). If you’re out hooping in frosty conditions do not collapse your hoop and stick to hooping on soft ground being more careful of high impact moves like breaks and wedgies.
Taped hoops are less likely to crack and clear protective tape will help to shield from extreme heat- that’s why all our fire hoops come with a clear protective layer as standard.

Collapsing your hoops

Advice on how to collapse your hoop are supplied with your order, please read the care & collapsing instructions carefully.
The safest way to collapse your hoops without kinking them, is by joining two (or more) together. If you order more than one polypro of the same thickness your hoops will be made to clip together. Join two hoops together and coil once- making three circles.
Very small hoops can be more likely to kink when collapsing so always coil as multiple.
If your hoop is UKPolypro you need an extension piece to collapse your hoop (which is supplied free of charge on single hoop orders)- never try to fully collapse it without the extension piece. We cannot replace tubing that’s cracked through use or kinked through improper collapsing.
If it feels wrong and you are pushing your hoop too hard when trying to collapse, STOP! There are lots of useful demos on youtube of people collapsing polypro hoops if you get stuck. or you can always contact us for advice.


Taped hoops will inevitably become scratched over time and use and there’s not really anything we can do about that, it’s the price we pay for loving our shiny babies! Play with them on carpet or grass to keep them at their best longest.
Collapsing hoops puts pressure on tapes and they can stretch and wrinkle slightly when folded, this should not be noticeable when the hoop is not collapsed. Avoid collapsing taped hoops unless necessary.
If your grip taped gets scratched or gets dirty and loses it’s stick, trim any loose ends with scissors to prevent it peeling at the broken bit.

Help my hoop has been in an accident!

There are lots of ways to try to fix hoops that have been traumatised in some way! If you can’t fix it yourself send it to us for repairs. General repairs are £5 but contact us to get a quote for what you need done.

If you warped your hoop in the heat and it’s not flat

Leave your hoop in a warm place; sunny garden/warm room, then place it flat under your mattress for at least 24 hours, you can repeat this process to help your hoop flatten.

If your hoop is not round

When you first get your hoop it’s normal for it to be a little egg shaped, once out the packaging leave it to rest unclipped for a few hours before hooping with it. (Coloured Polypro tubing doesn’t normally need to rest and can be connected straight away)
Hooping is the best way to round out the shape. I sometimes make the connection a little flatter, this is because it’s much easier for your hoop to round out a flat connection than an egg shaped one. If your connection is a little flat don’t worry it should go round after some use. Hoops will always get rounder over their lifetime.

Hoop Repair Services

I cracked or kinked my hoop at the tubing

Whether or not you bought your hoop from us, if you crack your hoop you can send it to us for repair. We can cut the cracked piece of hoop out and add another connector (this will make your hoop slightly smaller but it should not be noticeable unless the crack is very large)

I cracked or kinked my hoop at the connector

A snapped or kinked connector can be fixed without your hoop being made slightly smaller, you can send your hoop to us for a new connector

My hoop is old, the tape is scuffed can you retape it?

Of course, we love to give old hoops a new lease of life. We can remove old tape and replace with new, price depends on what you want so just contact us to enquire.

I want my grip tape / protective tape replaced

No worries, we can remove old tape and glue residue and replace it for you.

I want my polypro hoop resized smaller

You started with a larger size and now want something a bit smaller. Send your hoop to us for a downsize.

I want my polypro hoop resized bigger

If your hoop is too small for you (or just for certain tricks) we can make an extension piece for it. These are great for learning new tricks you want a slightly bigger hoop for. Send your hoop to us to have an extension piece fitted.
If your hoop is in brand new condition and you want to exchange the size for a larger hoop without having the extra extension piece please let us know straight away and do not use your hoop.


If you want to exchange/return clothing you ordered because it doesn’t fit and it’s in brand new unworn condition you can send it back to us for a refund or exchange for a different size.
I try to take every care that the clothing I make is perfect but if you’re not happy with the quality of the clothing you purchased please contact us and tell us why you’re not happy and send photos.


Wash similar colours together, be careful when putting on/taking off our woven items, so that you don’t catch a slit bit with a body part and damage it.

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