Check out the new Hulala Hoopers website..!

A big thanks to Dan Pudsey, for his amazing work helping me create my website!
We’ve got a shop where you can buy shiny hoops for all ages and abilities, browse our jewellery and peruse our handmade clothing. You can join a local hoop dance class or enquire about 1-2-1 lessons. Book Fire Shows and workshops. Find out about the benefits of hooping and watch crazy videos. Have a look around and enjoy!

Thanks go to
Site – Dan Pudsey
Branding – Jamie Pudsey
Videography – Sean Delahey
Photography –
Bailey Wheeler
Sean Delahey
Oliver Pooley
Picemail Pic-Email
Mark Watts BubImages
See Ying Yip See Ying Photography
Trev Earl Trev Earl Photography
Malcolm Inty
Flash Harry Flash Harry Photos
Neil Bryars
Rod Scarth
Paul James
Stuart Madeley Stuart Madeley Photography
Toby Denning
Rupert Barker
Suppliers –
Fairy Dust
Fancy tapes

Special thanks go to my hoopy helpers, who teach, perform or play with me and make my life better in every way
Sofia Hulala
Clover Hoops
Amelia Flows
Dizzy Kizzy
Eilidh Hoop
Forest Biscoe
Zeb Kundalini
Vicky Stretton
and of course the Mini Trubbles- Josh and Mikey

Happy Hooping!

Debby x

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